nominated for the Finals

honored to be nominated to the „IndustryBoost Comepetition“ FINALS of the world famous Widescreen Festival in Miami.


99BPM nominated for 2 international film festivals

99BPM was selected for Afro Film Festival „Ananse“ in Calli, Colombia and for the IndieWise FREE Virtual Festival in Miami, US.


TICKETS for the Filmpremiere are available NOW!!!

Finally! The Tickets for the Filmpremiere at Kult.Kino Camera 2 in Basel, Switzerland are now available.   Program: 18.00 Apéro with the Crew and the Actors at Kult.Kino Camera 2 19.00 Filmpremiere 1st Screening. Get Tickets here: 20.00 Filmpremiere 2nd … Read More

99BPM official Trailer is now online

99BPM goes online

we are working on the new 99BPM homepage.